Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our new member, Kat Latet, says hi!

Hello Fellow Toastmasters, my name is Kat Latet.  I work as the Community Engagement Coordinator at the Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA).  OPCA is the membership association for community health centers (CHCs) across the state.  As the Community Engagement Coordinator, I am in charge of our advocacy program and do government relations and policy work.  I have a passion for politics, so sometimes my work carries over into my free time.  I am a lover of many things, including live music, traveling, the outdoors (my backyard and the back country) and playing team sports.

I have had Toastmasters on my list of things to do for awhile, but have always found an excuse for why I couldn’t fit it in.  While discussing professional development with my office, Toastmasters came up, so here I am.  I hope to improve my ability to speak publicly, since it is something that I do often for my work.  I also look forward to writing speeches and delivering them.  Lastly, since I am of the American “like” generation, I hope to curb my usage of “like” and all of those other words counted by the “ah” counter.

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