Wednesday, August 31, 2011

See you in Mezzanine 5!

Today's meeting will be in Mezzanine 5 – the middle floor between the Bridge and the Plaza.  Also, we’re going to start placing the club Banner outside the door to make the rooms easier to find.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meeting location

On Wednesday 8/17, we’ll be meeting in the River Room which is on the Skybridge level past the elevators. 

See you then!

Tip of the Week: It’s Contest Season!!!

It seems like the International Speech Contest was just yesterday…..and actually the World Championship of Public Speaking will be held in a week, on Saturday August 20 at the Toastmasters International Convention, and you can watch the Championship live at but regardless it is time to start getting ready for the fall contests: the Table Topics Contest and the Humorous Speech Contest!  Any member may compete, no matter how many speeches you have given in the club!  So everyone has a chance to shine!
The Table Topics Contest will be held on September 7, and the Humorous Speech Contest the following week (September 14).  Both are pretty straightforward – the Table Topic response should be 1 minute to 2 minutes 30 seconds, and the humorous speech can be 4:30-7:30 (essentially 5-7 minutes with a 30-second buffer on either side).  Speech rules and further details are on the TMI website:  You can also contact any of the officers if you have any questions on the contests.
If you’d like to be a contestant in either of the contests, please email Jason Kent.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 10th meeting location

Electric Toasters, 

We are once again in the Flags room on Wednesday. The Flags room is on the Plaza level (ground floor) on the East of the building next to Naito Pkwy.  

See you then!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 3rd meeting room

Tomorrow’s meeting will be in the Flags Room which is on the Plaza level (ground floor) on the East of the building next to Naito Pkwy.  

See all who can make it at Noon tomorrow!

Tip of the Week: Toastmaster duties

Being Toastmaster for a meeting is a fun, rewarding role!  There is a little preparation to do before the meeting and one follow-up after the meeting in addition to the in-meeting duties of the Toastmaster.  The list below summarizes the Toastmaster’s duties.

Toastmaster duties before the meeting:
·                 Contact the speakers and obtain speech title & length and any info to relate in the introduction of the speaker.
·                 Make sure all roles are filled – check the duty roster and confirm that people with roles are attending the meeting.
·                 Prepare remarks relative to the theme of the week.
·                 Prepare and print out copies of the meeting agenda (template is attached).
 Toastmaster duties in the minutes before the meeting:
·                 Arrive early to the meeting to help set up the room and distribute the agendas and voting sheets.
·                 Welcome guests in person.
·                 If people with roles are not present by noon, find a replacement for their role.
Toastmaster duties during the meeting:
·                  Have an officer (Club president Ania, if she is present) start the meeting on time at 12:00 noon.