Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tip of the Week: Toastmaster duties

Being Toastmaster for a meeting is a fun, rewarding role!  There is a little preparation to do before the meeting and one follow-up after the meeting in addition to the in-meeting duties of the Toastmaster.  The list below summarizes the Toastmaster’s duties.

Toastmaster duties before the meeting:
·                 Contact the speakers and obtain speech title & length and any info to relate in the introduction of the speaker.
·                 Make sure all roles are filled – check the duty roster and confirm that people with roles are attending the meeting.
·                 Prepare remarks relative to the theme of the week.
·                 Prepare and print out copies of the meeting agenda (template is attached).
 Toastmaster duties in the minutes before the meeting:
·                 Arrive early to the meeting to help set up the room and distribute the agendas and voting sheets.
·                 Welcome guests in person.
·                 If people with roles are not present by noon, find a replacement for their role.
Toastmaster duties during the meeting:
·                  Have an officer (Club president Ania, if she is present) start the meeting on time at 12:00 noon.

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