Monday, December 5, 2011

Tip of the Week: The CL Manual – Bring it, use it, love it!

If you joined Toastmasters as a new member in the last year and a half, you received two manuals in the mail – the Competent Communicator manual and the Competent Leader manual.  You are likely very familiar with the CC manual.  But have you looked through the CL manual?  It is easy to work through the CL manual and get your Toastmasters CL award – all you have to do is bring the manual to our meetings and give it to someone to evaluate your performance in your regular meeting role.  It’s really that simple!  About 90% of the projects in the CL manual are for normal meeting roles that you typically fill each meeting.  You will also get the benefit of learning the basic facets of leadership – including critical thinking, giving feedback, time management, mentoring, motivating people, and team building.  In addition, by obtaining your CL award you will be helping the club meet its educational goals!

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