Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Evaluation Contest Results

The Evaluation Contest featured Peter Pincetl with his speech "The Bus is Leaving" and three contestants: Kerry Dugan, Jason Kent and Steve Wilcox. Three different styles of presentation and one great speech, as Jeff Brooks stated. Kerry was upbeat and specific, Jason analytical and clear, Steve positive and courageous - it was only his second evaluation! Thank you for stepping in on the fly, Steve, and thank you to all the contestants for a real evaluation treat, thank you to judges, contest chairs and leaders.

Second place was granted to Jason Kent - congrats! The winner of our club contest is Kerry Dugan and he will be participating in the next level of the Evaluation Contest. Asked why is it worth it to participate, Kerry said he loves competing and it's like being a horse waiting and itching for its race. You practice and improve during meetings and every contest is a test of what you've gained, learned and practiced so far.

We will keep you posted as soon as we know any set dates for the next level and will continue to keep our fingers crossed for Kerry. I want to join Jeff in encouraging everyone to look out for those dates and come with spouses, partners, family and friends to support our club's winner and hear the winners from other clubs. It's an incredible experience not only for us, Toastmasters, but anyone really, which allows us to take away a few things for our speaking, business and life experiences.

By Ania OsiƄska-Bulloff, VP Public Relations

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