Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our new member, Amy VanCamp, Says Hi

Hi all,

I’m Amy VanCamp and I am lucky enough to own my own communications business. While I work harder now than any other job I’ve had, I love being “the boss of me.”   It offers me the flexibility to attend functions at my two boys’ schools (yes, this includes visits with the principal) and to be more involved in their day-to-day activities. I work with great people, on fun projects that make a difference in our community. Pretty fortunate, for sure.
Toastmasters has been something I’ve wanted to join for years, but not unlike scheduling a dentist appointment, I found reasons to put it off. I have such stage fright -- and an experience in college were I had to act in a play and I totally froze -- that I didn’t think I could do it.  I sought out a friend who is deeply involved in the organization to help me get started, and his story of what got him involved prompted me to visit the Electric Toasters club. The reception was warm and welcoming, and here I am a new member having just finished my first icebreaker—and I didn’t faint!
I’ve always had a hard time shutting off work and relaxing. It’s something I’ve wanted to adjust in my life for sometime.  An ancillary positive outcome of joining Toastmasters is I pay attention differently now–thinking about how what I’m doing (or not doing) would shape up into a speech, or contribute to a table top topic. 
I love to travel and recently went to New Orleans, New York and this upcoming May, Paris, France. Whee and Oui!

By Amy VanCamp

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