Friday, May 20, 2011

Tip of the Week: Calling on people for Table Topics

We’ve been blessed with a lot of new members in the past few weeks!  What that means is that recently there have been meetings with one or more members that do not have a speaking role.  Those are the people that should be called on for Table Topics.  This way, everyone who attends the meeting will get a chance to speak.  

When you are Table Topics Master, make a list of the meeting attendees that do not have a speaking role, and call on them during Table Topics.  It is better to assign table topics by calling on people than by asking for volunteers to field a question.  Also, if we have guests at the meeting, the Table Topics Master should ask them before the meeting if they would like to field a question – that way they’re not put on the spot during the meeting.

By Jason Kent, VP of Education

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