Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our new member, Bianca Eskelson, says hi!

Fellow Toastmasters, my name is Bianca Eskelson and I work as a Research Associate for OSU’s College
of Forestry. You may wonder what I am doing in Portland. Well, I followed my husband up here and
work remotely, which has advantages and disadvantages. I joined Toastmasters in June 2009 because
I have to give many presentations and teach classes as part of my job and I was looking for a way to
practice my public speaking skills in a friendly environment. Actually, joining Toastmasters was a New
Year’s resolution and it took me six months to finally attend a meeting. In my free time I enjoy baking,
gardening, hiking, playing music, and judo. Although I love the Pacific Northwest and even enjoy the
rain, I do miss good bread and good chocolate!

1 comment:

  1. After hearing Bianca's Ice Breaker today, the judo picture makes total sense! ;-)