Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our new member, Robert Scott, says hi!

“This is Robert Scott,” is how I now answer my “work phone.”  I have never had a work phone until recently, at least not dedicated to me.  I never needed one because my past employment included production and operations, manufacturing, hospitality, even sales, but nothing that required true professional communication.  Things have changed since I graduated law school and passed the Oregon bar.  I am now in the stage of building my legal practice and learning how to be a good lawyer, neither of which, I have come to learn, are taught in law school.  

I am exceedingly fortunate to work for Immix Law Group PC, unquestionably the greatest law firm in the world.  We are a boutique firm that specializes in serving entrepreneurs, investors, and small and growth-stage businesses.  Immix is the perfect fit for me as I am entrepreneurial by nature, having started my first business at age twenty.  The most important part of my job is helping our clients navigate business and legal pitfalls, thereby leaving them free to focus on the important things, like running a company.  To do my job well, I must clearly, concisely, and confidently communicate with our clients and other professionals.  I am hoping that Toastmasters can help me become a better speaker, a better listener, and thus a better advocate and adviser.  

During the few rare hours I am away from work, I enjoy relaxing with my wife and friends, which often includes kayaking, camping, fishing, weightlifting, or golf.

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